[Blog] Field of Dreams

blog Apr 13, 2022


            Dreams are a lot like seeds. A seed has to be planted and watered, and it has to have the right temperature and sunlight in order to fulfill its destiny. There is an order and a method to a seed becoming a seed-bearing plant. Likewise, those dreams on the inside of you will not germinate and grow without effort, organization, and method.

            Successful people have vision for their life, for their business and for their family and they learn how to organize and develop ideas that cause that vision to result in provision, in something beautiful, in something that satisfies their soul and most probably, blesses those around them as well.

            Just as a farmer has to follow certain steps to ensure a harvest, there are key stages in bringing your hoped-for life into reality.



            Like a seed, dreams have phases of development. I believe there are three stages of dreaming necessary for success. The first is the dream itself, the ungerminated dream. I am convinced that one of the main reasons people fail to get what they want out of life is because they haven’t decided what they want out of life. They have no defined desires and/or they have no detail in regard to their desires.

            We have to have a destination. What do you imagine for yourself? What is it that, when you see someone else doing it or you have opportunity to dabble in it, life is generated and begins to flow in and through you? You find yourself wanting to read or learn about it or you want to talk to others about it. The first stage of dreaming is becoming aware and acknowledging the dream within you.

            Dreams are found in who we are. We have dormant gifts and talents within us when we are born and those gifts and talents must play into the process of developing a dream. A seed for a Northern Red Oak will never become a White Pine. We need to develop our dream into what it was intended to be and actively consider our gifts and talents in the process.

            When you discover and embrace that singular ability that you have been given, the ability that comes naturally, the ability that makes you feel significant and complete, the ability that rises above all your other skills and talents, the ability that causes people to sit up and take notice—then you have harnessed your best hope for the future you were intended to live.  

            Your talents are your greatest strengths, but you must learn to see them as your keys to the future and as your steppingstones to success. You need to embrace your gifts and talents, find ways to sharpen them and develop them, and utilize them. Then, as you begin to dream‒or maybe it is better said, as you foster the dreams and desires that are part of your soul—they begin to bud and you will find the dreams that really quicken you and the ones that play to your strengths. These will be dreams and desires that you may already know a little about. They may be dreams and desires that utilize talents or skills you know are already in your possession.

            This is a great time to start writing things down: Dare to dream! Tap into those deep desires that God planted in you when he created you. Journal those things you think of and then as you review them, determine those that incite passion. Add to them as inspiration hits.



            The second stage of dreaming is the visualization of your dream, putting down roots. This is the movement of a dream from an idea to a possibility. It is the beginning of practical steps that will take a dream from a thought to a reality.

            Picturing yourself living your dream and doing the work to achieve it solidifies vision, which fosters passion. As passion develops, pursuit of the realization of your dream begins to reveal priorities, which are easier to set and are understood and valued. Areas where sacrifice is called for become obvious and you are willing to make those sacrifices because of the focus that vision and passion bring.

            When your passion is in full bloom, there is little that can cause you to deviate from the pursuit of the realization of your dream. Each day’s productivity becomes measurable. Things that distract or derail are less likely to seem like an obstacle. This is fertile soil for the next step.



            Dreams aren’t achieved just because we want them, and they aren’t realized with the passage of time alone. Even vision and passion cannot make a dream come true on their own. We have no “right” to our dreams. Planning based in reasonable expectations and achievable steps and hard work are necessary We need to learn how to go about the long, arduous process of setting goals and massaging the dream slowly into reality.

            With time and the right environmental factors, a seed will eventually break through the soil into the light of day and become the plant it is destined to be. Work on developing a plan for the purpose of achieving your dream but keep in mind that planning is the stage of dreaming where environment plays an important role. Here, relationships and resources have opportunity to help in shaping and manifesting your dream.

            Do you have a dream of opening your own business or achieving a certain level in your career? Then start devoting time to doing some research into the type of business you want to pursue. Connect with people who are successful in that area of business already. Or make time for a mentor or network in your life that can feed the advancement of your career.

            Planning involves everything from conversations with mentors, reading about and listening to those who have pursued their dreams and succeeded, especially in areas similar to your dream, to actual financial needs, supply acquisition and product delivery. Test your plan through feedback and trials. Massage your plan. Over time, you will find that one thing leads to another, and every idea you uncover prompts you to take another tiny step forward.  

            Just remember, you can’t do everything, and you can’t be everywhere. Decide who you are and where you are going with your life. Living your future will not be successful if you stay in the initial stage of dreaming, but your destiny must have a course to follow.  

            Part of every plan is identifying sacrifices that need to be made. Maybe you need to set aside part of your monthly budget. Or, maybe you need to devote a certain amount of time to learning more or to meeting people who can help. Whatever the sacrifice is, the essence of sacrifice is subtraction. You will have to make room somehow, somewhere and it will result in the loss of something.

            However, sacrifice pays off. Every time you subtract something from your life to make more room for your passion or every time you take something out of your schedule to create more time to pursue your destiny, the sacrifice will eventually pay off later in a significant way. It is the principle of delayed gratification. The harvest comes after the seed gives up its protective outer shell and submits itself to the germination process.



            A dream can be a long-term goal for one’s life, the kind of life that is fulfilling in every way, and it is nothing more than the steady pursuit of those dreams that truly matters. As we identify dreams and desires and imagine the ways they could come to pass, in reality, life forces us to choose which dreams make it to the planning stage.

            No person has the time to seize every opportunity that arises, and no person has the resources to fulfill every dream his heart can devise. Sooner or later, life will compel us to pull the boundary lines in a little tighter and focus your sights on the precise targets you want to hit. As you develop the dreams you want to pursue, take time to assess the possibilities.

            Raw passion is not enough to carry you. It must be tempered. The active pursuit of your dream needs to be sustainable. Neglecting other aspects of life such as family and other important relationships will not result in the best outcome. Line up the aspects of your life to make yourself and those you share life with ready for sacrifices that will need to be made.

            Dare to dream. Dare to take a leap and try to find that one thing that really connects to your soul. Visualize what it looks like to live your dream and then make a plan. Commit to the little things you need to do every day that eventually determine whether your dreams break through the soil or whether they die in the cold, damp ground.

            Make time. Make sacrifices. Learn new skills or perfect the ones you have already. Tap into existing relationships and develop new ones. Focus each day on your dream in some capacity or another. And then watch the realization of your dreams come to pass.