[November Newsletter] Becoming Father to Pharaoh by Martijn van Tilborgh

newsletter Nov 01, 2021

Becoming Father to Pharaoh

Joseph had a dream—one so big even his own family ridiculed him. His brothers actually despised him because his dream didn’t fit the picture they had painted of their future. Their fierce rejection led them to sell him off as a slave.

How confusing this must have been for Joseph. The vision burning in his heart was so real to him, yet the more he shared it with those closest to him the more friction it produced.

The discrepancy between his current reality and what he believed was his future destiny must have left him wondering.

Had he been wrong all along?

Maybe God hadn’t spoken to him?

Perhaps he had made it all up!

Yet in hindsight, years later, it all made sense to him. After Joseph was reunited with his brothers, he put the pieces of the puzzle together and told them:

“So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God. He made me father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household and ruler of all Egypt”
(Genesis 45:8, emphasis added).

It turned out that the prophetic destiny God had declared over Joseph’s life could only manifest away from his traditional family setting.


Joining the Josephs

I believe Joseph is a picture of the church in the marketplace. A church sent to become an authority to those in high places. A force to create culture and impact true change.

Maybe you feel like he did: confused, wondering whether or not the dreams in your heart were truly placed there by God. Frustrated because you can’t seem to find a way to manifest your vision in your traditional surroundings.

Could it be that God is “sending you to Egypt” in order to manifest your dreams? Is it possible that God is sending you to become father to Pharaoh, as Joseph did?

As the Inspire Collective, we are committed to resourcing those who we call “the 98%”—the church in the marketplace. The people in the pew who are out there in the workplace beyond the traditional church, seven days a week.

A global movement has started. Communities of “Josephs” are popping up all over the world as they connect with the Inspire mission.

Be encouraged, you are not alone!