[October Newsletter] The Best is Yet to Come by Mike Kai

newsletter Oct 01, 2021


When it comes to life, we all have plans, dreams, and goals.

As a Senior Pastor of a thriving church in Honolulu, Hawaii, I still remember our small beginnings. In 2001, I had just taken over as the pastor, and we were meeting in a local elementary school cafeteria. We’re talking every Sunday, set-up the chairs, the banners, the sound equipment… and every Sunday afternoon, break down the chairs, the banners, and the sound equipment. Now imagine doing that for 7 years!

While the growth was incremental during that time, it was slow. And I kept wondering, “Is this it? Is this as good as it gets for our church? Will we ever have a bigger space and with air conditioning?”

Have you ever had a moment like that? Where your dreams and current situation just didn’t align with your reality?

Around this same time, I started contending for a larger and more permanent building. There was a shopping center located right near the elementary school we were meeting at, and oftentimes, I would drive past it claiming in faith, that our location would one day be there. Sometimes, I would even roll down my window, and shout prayers into the wind, that THIS would be the home of Inspire Church!

One day as I was walking by a vacant building in that same shopping center, I noticed a worker opening the building. I struck up a conversation, inquired about renting the building, and after some heavy convincing, walked 10 steps into the building I was believing for. Just as I was about to leave the parking lot… his boss pulled up.

Essentially, through multiple conversations later, a beautiful, locally crafted gift basket FedExed to their corporate HQ, and a huge stretch of faith and finances in my church… that vacant building become our new home.

My church is now celebrating 20 years this year, and we have 3 locations on Oahu, one in Manila, and a great digital impact than we could have ever imagined! Looking back on how my dream became a reality, here are some key things I learned:

Turn your plateaus into a launching pad. It’s not over for you. Maybe you feel a bit discouraged thinking of the work that’s ahead of you, or maybe you feel like it’s over, but it’s not. The final chapter of your life has not been written yet. There are still new opportunities, fresh insights, and key relationships to come.

Bottom Line: God has more in store for you. Instead of shrinking back, it’s time to stretch again.

If you feel like you’ve peaked, plateaued or are lost wondering what your next step should be, can I encourage you? Find like-minded individuals who can support you in your endeavors. The Inspire Collective is launching chapters in San Antonio, Atlanta and Dallas this fall. If you’re looking for a place to start, maybe the Inspire Collective is it. Or maybe you’re looking for resources to master your craft. I just released my new book That Doesn’t Just Happen and a 10-part digital masterclass that is for the leader looking to master excellence in every sphere of their life. Maybe that is where you should start.

Wherever you’re at in life, just know… the best is always yet to come.