[Podcast] Activate Your Goals with Nicole Crank

podcast Sep 08, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast, we'll hear Nicole Crank's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Your Goals". Nicole will break down how listeners can effectively set and achieve their goals using scientifically rooted strategies and methods, and equip them with the mentality they will need to be successful along the way.

[0:00-2:57]: Introduction/Getting Ready

[2:57-3:45]: Don't Give Up

[3:45-11:33]: Writing Down Your Goals

[11:33-17:10]: Activating Your Goals – Realistic and Measurable Goals

[17:10-18:38]: Framing Your Goals and 5-Step Rehash

[18:38-20:30]: nicolecrank.com/goals – Helpful Resources

[20:30-22:42]: Consistency is Key

[22:42-23:12]: Outro

Nicole Crank and her husband David are the founders and lead pastors of Faith Church. Nicole is also a blogger, motivational speaker, television personality, and author of numerous titles, her most recent being Goal Getters: 5 Steps to Finally Getting What You Want and I Will Thrive.