[Podcast] Activate Your Influence with Scott Wilson

podcast Nov 03, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast we'll hear Scott Wilson's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Your Influence". Scott will elaborate on what influence is, how we can utilize it to advance the kingdom of God, and how listeners can ensure they maximize their influence, no matter what arena they may serve in.

0:00: Introduction with Scott Wilson

4:00: What is Influence?

11:00: The Story Behind the Book

14:30: Meet and Exceed Expectations

27:00: How to Build Relationships

36:00: Strategies for Learning to Listen Better

39:00: A Closing Story

46:00: Conclusion/Final Thoughts

Scott Wilson is the former Senior Pastor of The Oak Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. Aside from his ministry role, Scott also is a public speaker and mentor to pastors through the innovative platform MinistryCoach.tv. Scott is passionate about and committed to raising up the next generation of leaders. His most recent work, Impact delves into influence and how leaders can come to maximize theirs.