[Podcast] Activate Your Message with Martijn van Tilborgh

podcast Sep 29, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast we'll hear Martijn van Tilborgh's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Your Message". Martijn will break down applicable tips, tricks, and strategies Christian men and women can utilize to more effectively communicate their message with their target audience.

[0:00]: Introduction with Martijn van Tilborgh

[7:00]: Martijn's Story

[15:00]: The Liquid Church: A New Paradigm

[24:00]: The AVAIL + Inspire Collaboration

[33:00]: Conclusion/A Free Offer from Martijn

Martijn van Tilborgh is a co-founder of the Inspire Collective, a marketing expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and author. He has a knack for effective marketing and extensive experience marketing for a multitude of high-profile clients and organizations.