[Podcast] Activate Your Potential with Louis Carr

podcast Oct 27, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast we'll hear Louis Carr's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Your Potential". Louis will break down the complex meaning of potential and touch on applicable strategies listeners can utilize to grow into and be all that they can be.

0:00: Introduction with Louis Carr

2:30: The Definition of Potential

6:00: Steps to Activating Your Potential

15:30: The Last Ingredient

21:00: Recap and Some Special Offers

24:30: Conclusion/Last Thoughts

Louis Carr is the President of Marketing at BET and the Founder and brains behind WayMaker and all of its content. He has a passion for equipping the next generation for personal growth and to evoke change in the environment around them.