[Podcast] Activating Authenticity with Kendra Momon

podcast Aug 25, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast, we'll hear Kendra Momon's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Authenticity". Kendra will help listeners come to terms with what authentic actually means and what it will look like in their lives. Then, she'll equip them with the advantages that being authentic in our leadership and work brings to both ourselves and others.

[0:00-3:00]: Introduction/Meet Kendra Momon

[3:00-6:30]: Authenticity Defined

[6:30-14:00]: What it Means to Activate Your Authenticity – Where to Put in the Work

[14:00-22:17]: Some Critical Reminders – 3 Proven Principles

[22:17-22:35]: Closing Thoughts

[22:35-23:06]: Outro

Dr. Kendra Momon is an author, speaker, commentator, and lead pastor of Victory Midtown alongside her husband, Andrew. Dr. Kendra also is a professor of politics at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and serves as Chair of the Division of Politics, History, and International Studies.