[Podcast] Activating Your Leadership Health with Andrew Momon

podcast Aug 18, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast, we'll hear Andrew Momon's segment of the Inspire Activation Challenge, "Activate Your Leadership Health". Andrew will break down the bond fitness and leadership share and how you can ensure your effectiveness in both. When we understand their connection, we'll be more intentional with our investments in them.

[0:00-4:39]: Introduction/Andrew Momon's Story

[4:39-10:59]: First Impressions and Stewardship

[10:59-15:20]: Your First Business – Training for Life

[15:20-16:58]: Legacy, not Vanity

[16:58-21:51]: The Importance of Your Core & Understanding Your Superpower

[21:51-23:47]: The Reality of Change

[23:47-25:10]: Essential Conditioning

[25:10-26:45]: Your Best Marketing Agent

[26:46-30:33]: Inspiration for Those "Without the Time or Energy"

[30:33-33:00]: The Heart Behind the Release of Andrew Momon's "LeaderFit"

[33:00-33:32]: Outro

Andrew Momon is a lead pastor of Victory Midtown alongside his wife, Kendra. Together, Andrew and Kendra have also worked to establish and cultivate their leadership consulting firm Momon Leadership. Andrew has extensive experience in both leadership and ministry, and has recently celebrated the release of his new book, LeaderFit.