[Podcast] April Osteen Simons on Tapping into Abundant Life

podcast Feb 09, 2022

In this episode, April Osteen Simons discusses her newest book, Better Than Ever, and what it has to teach us regarding living the abundant life that God has for us. We may have imperfect circumstances in our world, but that doesn’t mean God’s promises aren’t true for us! Discover ways to improve your self-talk, your witness, and the quality of your life in accordance with God’s Word!

0:00: Introduction with April Osteen Simons

2:00: Better Than Ever: How to Start Living Abundantly

7:30: About The Better Life Podcast

9:00: Coaching with Hope

11:30: What is Better Life Night?

15:00: Final Thoughts

April Osteen Simons is a motivational speaker, author, blogger, hope coach, and proud mother of five. Through multiple mediums such as her blogs, her podcast, titled “Better Life,” international speaking engagements, her coaching efforts, and her recent book release, “Better Than Ever,” she inspires people around the world to live their best lives.