[Podcast] Aunie Brooks on Culture and Communication

podcast Sep 01, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast, we’re sitting down with Aunie Brooks. Aunie has worked her way through the ranks of John Houston Homes and is currently the Senior Director of Culture and Communications. Today, Aunie will share her extensive leadership, culture, and communication experiences.

[0:00-2:35]: Introduction/Meet Aunie Brooks

[2:35-7:15]: Aunie Brooks’ Start and Growth with John Houston Homes

[7:15-10:25]: Advice Pertaining to Your Organization's Culture

[10:25-12:15]: Culture Contributors and Your Regulation

[12:15-16:45]: External and Internal Communication Differences

[16:45-18:55]: Improving Your Internal Communication

[18:55-21:32]: Tips for Those Seeking Homes and Living Places

[21:32-23:41]: Inspire Collective Magazine – Aunie Brooks’ Article

[23:41-23:30]: Connecting with Aunie Brooks and John Houston Homes

[23:30-26:12]: Advice to Those in or Considering Working in Real Estate

[26:12-26:57]: Final Thoughts and Encouragement

[26:57-27:29]: Outro

Aunie Brooks started with John Houston Homes in 2017 as a Training Manager. She quickly proved herself to become Director of Talent Management, and eventually the Senior Director of Culture and Communications, the position she currently serves in.