[Podcast] Bishop Van Moody on Preparing Instead of Repairing

podcast Feb 16, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Bishop Van Moody about his leadership journey, his superfood cafe, Kale Me Crazy, what it looks like to steward your health and body well, the multiple books he has published, and more! It costs more to repair than to prepare, so gear up to live excellently and draw closer to God for His glory!

0:00: Introduction with Van Moody

3:00: Kale Me Crazy and a Journey to Healthy Eating

7:30: How to Plan a Healthy Lifestyle

11:30: Van Moody’s Books and Their Purposes

19:30: Remaining Humble in the Face of Success

22:00: The Worship Center and the Challenges of Growth

26:30: What is MIBF and What is Its Impact?

28:30: The Myth of Time Management

31:00: What Inspires Bishop Moody?

33:00: Connect with Van Moody

34:00: Closing Words of Encouragement

Van Moody is an entrepreneur, visionary, private equity investor, community leader, author, and pastor of the multi-site church, The Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Aside from these roles, Bishop Moody is also an active member of numerous boards and has had speaking engagements on a variety of mainstream media outlets.