[Podcast] Demarius Hardy on Embracing the Entrepreneurial Process

podcast Mar 16, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Demarius Hardy about his journey as a marketplace entrepreneur, his passion for cultivating up-and-coming entrepreneurs, the challenges inherent in success stories like his, and how to embrace the process of the entrepreneurial journey. You’ll enjoy this down-to-earth interview and the insights Demarius has to share!

0:00: Introduction with Demarius Hardy

3:00: Advice for Entrepreneurs

4:00: Challenges Inherent in Success Stories

6:20: About The Candy Jar and More

9:00: Things to Do Differently

11:30: Future Plans for the Candy Jar Brand

14:30: Connect with Demarius Hardy and The Candy Jar

15:30: Encouragement for Entrepreneurs Ready to Get Started

18:30: About Demarius’s Books and How to Get Them

21:00: Appreciating the Support Behind the Success

23:30: Closing Thoughts

Dr. Demarius Hardy is a father, husband, author, business mentor, the Founder and CEO of Candy Jar & More LLC. The Candy Jar store, less than two years old, is now in more than 10 locations with plans for further expansion in the North Carolina area.