[Podcast] Getting Involved in Your Community with Willard Maxwell

podcast Jan 12, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Willard Maxwell about how to best get involved in your community. Whether you’re at a crossroads when it comes to your passion and calling, or whether you’re locked in where you’re meant to be, there are always fresh ways to get into the center of your community and serve people more fully! Get motivated and gain new ideas on how to do just that in today’s episode!

0:00: Introduction with Willard Maxwell

3:30: Being a Pastor and a Comedian

6:00: Journey to New Grove Baptist Church

8:30: Branching Out to Follow Your Passion

15:00: Bombing a Comedy Routine

20:00: The Church As the Center of the Community

24:30: Getting Your Church Involved in the Community

29:00: Connect with Willard Maxwell

30:00: Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

34:30: Closing Thoughts

Dr. Willard Maxwell is an accomplished author, the pastor of New Beech Grove Baptist Church, as well as a public comedian and saxophonist who currently resides in Newport News, Virginia. A recognized member of his community, Dr. Maxwell serves as a volunteer Police Chaplain for the City of Newport News, serves on the board of the Newport News Police Foundation, is an adjunct professor at the William Harvey Leadership Academy at Hampton University, and is a Silver Lifetime member of the NAACP.