[Podcast] Inspire Christmas Series: Joshua Duhaylsond on Personal Development

podcast Dec 22, 2021

In this episode, Josh Duhaylsond shares his experience in transitioning to being a global director and the skills and lessons he learned along the way. One of these lessons is work-life balance and the importance of rest to the quality of the work you produce. We'll also discuss how to empower and utilize your team members to reach their full potential. This is an episode that will refresh and exhort leaders to invest in themselves and their teams.

0:00: Introduction with Joshua Duhaylsond

5:00: Work/Life Balance: Is It Achievable?

12:30: Working with Creatives

23:00: Current Tech Industry Trends

29:30: Personal Development and Failing Forward

36:00: Who Are You Pouring Into?

38:00: Connect with Joshua + Closing Thoughts

Joshua Duhaylsond started as Creative Director of Pastor Mike and Lisa Kai's Inspire Church in Hawaii. With a focus on branding, marketing, and spreading Inspire Church's message, he then became the church's Global Director and has extensive experience and valuable insights to share with Inspire Collective listeners.