[Podcast] Inspire Christmas Series: Martijn van Tilborgh on Innovation

podcast Dec 08, 2021

In this episode, Martijn van Tilborgh discusses the principles of innovation that have informed his leadership journey. We'll explore why innovation is so essential for your organization, and how you can begin to implement it starting today. There's so much more that God has for you!

0:00: Introduction with Martijn van Tilborgh

6:00: The Inspiration Behind the Inspire Collective

16:00: The Vision Behind Martijn's Books

29:30: What is Innovation?

35:00: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

40:00: About the Inspire Magazine

46:00: Closing Thoughts

Martijn van Tilborgh is a co-founder of the Inspire Collective, a marketing expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and author. He has a knack for effective marketing and extensive experience marketing for a multitude of high-profile clients and organizations.