[Podcast] Inspire Christmas Series: Phil Pringle and Mike Kai on Obedience in Business

podcast Dec 15, 2021

This episode features a conversation between Pastor Mike Kai and C3 Church Global Founder Phil Pringle about church leadership and the strategies and character traits that will lead to success. Obedience and faith go hand-in-hand, which is why it's essential to walk in obedience to the things God has called you to as a leader. You don't want to miss this encouraging exchange!

0:00: Introduction with Mike Kai and Phil Pringle

7:00: Phil and Mike Talk about Faith

17:30: Staying Informed without Becoming Overwhelmed

19:30: Faith and Finances

25:00: Keep Building: The Importance of Endurance

30:30: Marketplace and the Church: A Vision of the Future

42:30: Do It Now! The Inspiration Behind the Book

45:30: Getting Energy and Ideas

47:30: The Greatest Opportunity in the Business World

50:00: Final Thoughts

Pastor Phil Pringle founded C3 Church Global alongside his wife in 1980. With a knack for communication and church planting, Phil has been instrumental in helping churches form worldwide. His television and YouTube series, "Your Best Life," empowers watchers to live their best life for Christ.