[Podcast] Inspire Christmas Series: Sam Chand on Ladder Holders

podcast Dec 29, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Sam Chand talks about ladder leaders: what they are, how to go about finding them, and so much more. Ladder leaders are something every leader needs, so it's essential to master the art of putting them in place. At the end of the day, your success as a leader is totally dependent on who is holding your ladder! Who are your ladder holders?

0:00: Introduction with Sam Chand

4:30: Ladder Holders: About the Book

8:00: How Ladder Holders Change Your Destiny

14:00: The Number One Question to Ask Yourself

19:00: Finding and Changing Ladder Holders

25:00: Inspiration to Find the Right People

29:00: Sam's Greatest Accomplishment

32:00: Connect with Sam Chand

36:30: Closing Thoughts

Sam Chand is a Founder of the Inspire Collective, an accomplished author, a leadership expert, and a renowned leadership consultant. With over a dozen well-known leadership titles like New Thinking, New Future and Leadership Pain, he has a passion and calling to raise up other leaders and equip them with effective practices.