[Podcast] Jeffrey Lampkin on Stewarding What God Has Given You

podcast Mar 23, 2022

Today, we’re sitting down with Jeffrey Lampkin, TV and radio personality as well as serial entrepreneur, to talk about stewarding the gifts and opportunities God has given you. From his experience on American Idol to the various enterprises he’s involved in today, you’ll find encouragement and creative inspiration for your own journey in this episode! Lean in and glean what God has for you from Jeffrey’s story!

0:00: Introduction with Jeffrey Lampkin

5:00: Jeffrey’s Experience on American Idol

9:00: The Story Behind the Transformation

15:30: About The Jeffrey Lampkin Show

17:30: About Jeffrey Lampkin’s “Sunday Gospel” Radio Show

23:00: Television Appearances: God’s Timing

28:00: Jeffrey’s Gospel Albums and Upcoming Work

31:00: The Story Behind The Country Boy Kitchen

36:30: Advice for Inspire Listeners

39:00: Conclusion

Jeffrey Lampkin is the Radio Host of the Sunday Morning Gospel with Jeffrey Lampkinl, TV personality recognized for his American Idol Season 7 appearance and entertainment reporter for Good Day Columbia. Jeffrey wears many hats and is an entrepreneur, has appeared more than once on Good Morning America, and has a passion for God and music.