[Podcast] Jerod Smith on Persevering in Your Calling

podcast Mar 30, 2022

In this episode, Jerod Smith shares with us about his organization, Advocates for Africa, the journey he’s been on in starting and running the business, the heart behind the movement, and how listeners can partner with them to enact change. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear about this amazing initiative and to help them make a powerful difference! 

0:00: Introduction with Jerod Smith

2:00: The Smiths’ Time in Rwanda and Lessons Learned There

9:30: Evangelism, Compassion, and Education: What AFA is Doing Today

17:00: How COVID Affected AFA’s Efforts

20:00: How to Donate to AFA and Where Your Donation Goes

25:00: Jerod’s Book and the Heart Behind It

30:00: Challenges Being Faced by AFA Right Now

32:30: Closing Words of Wisdom

Jerod Smith, alongside his wife, Katina, founded Advocates for Africa. Advocates for Africa is a non-profit organization created to raise funds and awareness surrounding the issues in Africa, which Jerod and Katina have been faithfully serving for nearly 20 years.