[Podcast] Living by Faith in Business with Jonathan Bamber

podcast Nov 17, 2021

In this episode, we’ll sit down with Jonathan and Sarah Bamber, hear the story of Burton and Bamber Co. Ltd., their goals and direction moving forward, and their advice to entrepreneurs and business owners (or those who want to go down that path). You won’t want to miss their practical tips, encouragement, and their story!

0:00: Introduction with Jonathan and Sarah Bamber

3:00: The Story behind Burton and Bamber

7:00: Advice for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

12:00: Starting a Company: Tips for Success

18:00: The Vision of Burton and Bamber

20:00: Connecting with the Bambers

26:00: Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Jonathan Bamber is the Co-Founder of Burton and Bamber Co Ltd – an agro-processing company that specializes in the preservation and dehydration of fruit in an effort to eliminate waste and improve the lives of farmers in East Africa. Jonathan is committed to positively impacting the lives of communities through his organization.