[Podcast] Michael Ray Smith on Media and Truth

podcast Aug 11, 2021

In this episode of the Inspire Collective Podcast, we’re sitting down with author, former professor, and media strategist Michael Ray Smith. We’ll be discussing his diverse career, what experiences he has picked up along the journey, and his advice to listeners concerning media strategy.

[0:00-5:07]: Introduction/Michael Ray Smith’s Story

[5:07-9:14]: Charles M. Sheldon and The Jesus Newspaper

[9:14-16:35]: Charles Sheldon’s Model of Accuracy

[16:35-19:54]: Michael’s Books on Writing and Advice to Writers

[19:54-21:37]: Michael’s Current Role as Research Fellow at LLC International University, Lithuania

[21:37-24:45]: Advice to Aspiring Writers

[24:45-31:44]: Michael’s Upcoming Inspire Articles

[31:44-32:51]: Michael Smith’s Upcoming Projects

[32:51-36:06]: Closing Thoughts and Encouragement

[36:06-36:34]: Outro

Michael Ray Smith is an accomplished author, former professor, and current research fellow at LLC International University, Lithuania. Some of his well known works include: Fake News, Truth-Telling and Charles M. Sheldon’s Model of Accuracy and 7 Days to a Byline that Pays. Michael has several titles centered around equipping other writers with effective practices.