[Podcast] Nathan Clark on Creative Entrepreneurship

podcast Mar 02, 2022

Join us for a discussion with Nathan Clark! We’ll talk about his gourmet marshmallow business and entrepreneurial journey, his role at Church of Wonders, Inc., and the leadership insights and tips he has to share with us. This is a fun episode you won’t want to miss—and we bet you’ll find yourself going to Wondermade.com and ordering some delicious marshmallows as you listen!

0:00: Introduction with Nathan Clark/About Wondermade

9:00: About Church of Wonders, Inc.

14:00: Nathan’s Former Role as Director of Digital Innovations at Northland

16:30: Focus on People, Not the Technology

18:00: Connect with Nathan Clark

20:00: The Importance of Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

23:00: The Genesis of Wondermade

25:30: Upcoming Events and Projects

30:00: Closing Thoughts

Nathan Clark is the President for Church of Wonders, Inc and holds the coveted title of Chief Taste Adventurer at Wondermade and helps the organization in the refinement of their flavored ice cream and marshmallows. Before his current roles, he was the long-standing Director of Digital Innovations and an Online Minister for Northland, A Church Distributed.