[Podcast] Shawn Lovejoy on Empowering Leaders through Coaching

podcast Feb 23, 2022

In this episode, Shawn Lovejoy, founder and CEO of CouragetoLead.com, will share with us about his leadership journey, the several books he’s authored, and some of the key principles he sees as essential for leaders in ministry and in business today.

0:00: Introduction with Shawn Lovejoy

3:30: The Heart Behind CouragetoLead.com

6:00: Being Mean about the Vision?

9:00: Principles to Master as a Leader

14:30: The Evolution of Courage to Lead

18:30: The Need to Give Up Control

22:30: The Courage to Lead Resources

29:00: Closing Thoughts

Shawn Lovejoy is a former pastor with a passion for equipping Christian leaders globally. He Founded and is the CEO of couragetolead.com, a leadership organization dedicated to developing leaders through coaching as well as a variety of other online resources. He is also the author of multiple leadership resources such as “Be Mean About the Vision,” “The Measure of Our Success,” and “Measuring Success.”